3 More Reasons To Use Branded Apparel And Promo Items

3 More reasons why you need branded materials | Be Noticed

Promotional items are more than just handouts at events. Branded material keeps your business at the forefront of customers’ minds and gives them a chance to interact with your company every day.

Last post we gave you two reasons why you need branded items. Now, we round out the top 5!

3. Level the Playing Field

Not everyone has the budget for a huge advertising campaign. Branded materials you’re your company the opportunity to look professional and get your name in front of the customers you’re trying to reach. Promotional items can be heavily targeted (e.g. branded flash drives at a tech conference) which makes your advertising dollars as effective as possible.

As a bonus, promotional materials used “in the wild” serve as free advertising for your business!

4.  Increase Leads

Eighty-five percent of consumers who receive a branded item end up doing business with the company. That’s a huge return on investment! Promotional items can also incentivize existing customers to spread the word (try offering a mug for every new customer they refer), increasing your leads even further by those who have already had a positive experience with your company.

5. Change Behavior

There’s no denying it – people like free stuff! And that free stuff helps customers to remember you. Eighty-nine percent of consumers who received branded items within the last two years remember the name of the company on the item. Offering a promotional item can convince customers to change their brand and serve as a call to action, prompting sales.

Think outside of the box! We produce mugs and tote bags, but that’s just the beginning. B&B has literally thousands of ways to help you get your name in front of the customers you want, day after day. Our experienced teams help you navigate creative solutions customized for your audience, budget, and timing.

Learn more about why you should add branded materials to your marketing strategy and contact your rep to find the best solution for your business.