We are transitioning to a new username/password combination. Both the new and old logins will work until November 10, 2020 when the old username/password will be retired. Please contact your salesperson for new log in information.

*If you receive a warning about compromised password in Chrome while logging in you can safely ignore it because it is not site-specific but is on Google’s list of millions of compromised username-password combinations.

Upload instructions for Files up to 1 GB

Please use Firefox, Chrome or IE. Some versions of Safari won’t send

the password and will not allow you to log in. Please stuff, zip or

compress your files to reduce size and maintain file integrity.


Upload instructions for Files larger than 1 GB

Requires FTP software – your browser (Chrome, Firefox etc) is not

FTP software. You can use Cyberduck, Fetch, Transmit, Filezilla or

any other dedicated FTP client. Please stuff, zip or compress your files to reduce size and maintain file integrity.

CLICK HERE to access our FTP Site and begin upload.

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