Before sending documents for print, please ensure that our Prepress Checklist is used to make sure your project goes smoothly:

+ All screen and printer fonts used in the project are included.

+ The document page size is equal to the final printed page size.

+ Bleeds are included and measure at least 1/8 inch

+ All pages of a document are in a single file.

+ The number of pages in the document match the final printed page count.

+ The document dimensions are correct.

+ If color is critical make sure all images are converted to CMYK – that way you can make adjustments yourself. Otherwise all RGB will be automatically converted to CMYK in our rip.

+ Image resolution is at least 300 dpi or greater at finished / output size.

+ All linked graphic files are included.

+ The document has been proofed for typographical errors and all images are correctly positioned.

+ If sending PDF’s only, please make sure they are high resolution with bleed and no marks. Preferably created using BB job options

+ Use the package option for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, include idml file.

+ Upload fully prepared documents Here!

For more information see our file preparation tips or call us at 503-639-9835 and ask for prepress customer assistance.