Using Partners with Creative Design Resources

4 Brilliant Reasons to Choose a Printer With In-House Design Resources

Graphic designers used to design for print.

ONLY print.

What else would there be?

They designed sales packets, newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures, books, manuals, packaging. And they often created these products in conjunction with one local printer they’ve been using for years.

Today’s designers are experts in web design, online advertising, social media marketing, user experience, and more. The specs are in pixels and frames; the colors are in RGB.

The best graphic artists do both online and print, and they can work seamlessly with a printer to achieve the best, most consistent printed products available.

But that takes time, training, and relationship building.

That’s why we have a creative resources department in-house—so you don’t have to.

Reasons to Use a Partner with Creative ResourcesOur expertise is in printing, and we are happy to work with your designers and your files to make sure your collateral and printed materials are:

  • Absolutely on brand.
  • Consistent from run to run.
  • Clear and cohesive.
  • Sharp and bright.

The keyword for us—and your brand—is consistency.

From packaging to publications, posters to branded apparel, we always strive for outstanding results. At the top of our list is to consistently produce your brand colors and standards accurately and consistently, no matter the product.

We set ourselves and customers up for success by using stellar files optimized for print.

Here are four great reasons to choose a printer with in-house creative resources:

For the inspiration

At B&B, every new project presents an opportunity to take your ideas and create something amazing. We have the great fortune of working on inspiring and results-oriented projects year after year. Check them out if you need a nudge to get creative with your materials.

For the scalability

We know that some of the most important jobs are the least sexy. Your company needs envelopes, folders, thank you notes, directional signage, and more. We provide templates to help you get started without reinventing the wheel. Let us know what you need!

For the magic (and mastery) of prepress

Like anything in life, the success of a project depends on preparation. Preparing art for T-shirt printing is totally different from a 16-page brochure. Signage requires special considerations for weather and size, while packaging calls for expertise in project engineering, finishing, and user experience.

We created crucial best practices documents based on our expertise and specific equipment. They are yours, free to use, and will go a long way toward ensuring we have perfect files on the press every time. Check out our general prepress tips, prepress checklist, and specifics for file preparation.

For the experts in print design

At B&B, we don’t expect you to DIY your designs. We provide all of the above resources to support your process, but we also have in-house creative staff to evaluate your files and ensure they represent your brand and our best work throughout the entire process. This saves you time, money, and hopefully a few headaches along the way.

Don’t let designing for print put you off. Our in-house creative team and resources will ensure the success of projects across your brand and beyond. Contact us today to be impressed.