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B&B Print Source is proud to partner with Portland Street Art Alliance to bring you four exclusive journals with two unique covers featuring works by Northwest outdoor artists. Half of the book is lined to inspire writing, and the other half of the pages are blank for sketching and doodling. 

PSAA Journals Never Ending Mural

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We created a journal series to help share the inspirational works and stories of PSAA artists. And, we hope to encourage and inspire anyone who receives these journals to bring forth their creative visions.

Please use the books for simple note-taking, elaborate sketching, or both. If you create something you’d like to share, post it to our Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see it. Need inspiration? See some fun drawings that we’ve already received.

Fatima Al-Sharshan | FEATURED Journal ARTIST


Over a two-week period, Qatari artist Fatima Al-Sharshani worked with the assistance of Portland artist Sarah Farahat to create a stunning calligraphy-based mural. This was Fatima’s first visit to the U.S. and their second public art mural production. She came to Portland through a Qatar-USA 2021 Year of Culture artist exchange program.

Fatima painting Never Ending Mural

“Because I have the passion for Arabic calligraphy, I feel that there is a relationship between myself and the letters. When I can’t write something, the letters are sad, because for a long time I did not talk to them.”

The mural is an abstract piece that merges Arabic letters into a shape of a circle, representing continuity. The piece is intended to be viewed clockwise (Arabic writing reads right to left). Following along the circle, one’s eyes are transported down and around to Fatima’s expressive calligraphy that finishes the form.

The inner depth of the circle is a “sensory expression that sparks a notion of infinity, and the never-ending power that lives within us.”

Learn more about this project and artists by visiting the PSAA website.

Photographer: Portland Street Art Alliance


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