A Nod To Earth Day

Committing to our Earth | Be Green

Here at B&B we are committed to recycling and keeping our earth happy. In honor of Earth Day 2020 we wanted to re-share our focus on sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. Our facilities regularly revisit and adjust procedures and environments to minimize our impact on the Earth. In 2019 our team recycled:

* 340.5 tons of waste paper
* 14.1 tons of cardboard
* 4.84 tons of aluminum plates

Both of our 40″ presses utilize an inking system. The installation results in the elimination of waste during the production process. If there are unused or expired inks within our other production processes, they are recycled.

NEW this month, we installed LED High Bay 5000K energy efficient lighting in both facilities. This upgrade not only creates an optimal viewing experience but more importantly minimizes our electrical consumption. In concert with all this we continue to be a 100% wind powered facility.

Keeping our earth healthy is a priority at B&B. We will keep you updated as additional efforts are implemented on our blog and our sustainability page — click HERE!

Happy Earth Day!

#BeGreen #BeSafe #Recycle