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B&B Mail+ is a marketing automation platform designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns while enhancing overall results through omnichannel marketing with the integration of digital platforms. With B&B Mail+, we turn a single mail piece impression into multiple repetitive impressions to the same audience across various platforms, increasing direct mail response rates by 23-46% for pennies per mail piece.

OmniChannel Marketing Solutions

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B&B Mail+ provides 13 different technologies through various conveniently bundled packages. These digital innovations are part of our everyday lives and they help organizations and businesses stay top of mind for their valuable prospects right where they are.

Using social media, YouTube, Google, call and text tracking, QR codes, and more, we can provide 360° visibility for your business hyper-locally and across the digi-sphere. Here is the full suite of marking technologies available to our B&B Mail+ clients:

  • SocialMatch
  • Mail Tracking
  • QR Codes
  • Informed Delivery
  • Call & Text Tracking
  • Online Follow-up
  • Social Media Follow-up
  • LEADMatch
  • YouTube Ads
  • Discovery Ads
  • Google Geotargeting
  • Social Media Geotargeting
  • Addressable Geo

Better still, B&B Mail+ is a fully transparent process where you can see your results in real-time via the B&B Mail+ dashboard, helping you stay in control of your campaigns.

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No matter your target audience, message or budget, B&B Mail+ will elevate your direct marketing with a variety of omnichannel solutions:

B&B Mail+

B&B Mail+ Lite

B&B Mail+ (Digital Only)

B&B Mail+ +Plus

B&B Mail+ +Plus (Digital Only)

B&B Mail+ Marketing Automation Platform

B&B Mail+ Political Power Up

B&B Mail+ Political Power Up (Digital Only)

B&B Mail+ Target Match

B&B Mail+ Target Match (Digital Only)

B&B Mail+ Target Match +Plus

B&B Mail+ Target Match +Plus (Digital Only)

B&B Mail+ Target Match vs. Target Match +Plus