Packaging – Design, Write, Call to Action!

Packaging – Design, Write, Call to Action!

Show-stopping packaging has many uses beyond just protecting the contents within. The emphasis shifts away from the in-store or online experience to incorporate the user’s interaction with the packaging from start to finish — from initial attraction and interaction to unboxing and disposal. Here are a few ways to make your call to action.

Building a CTA Strategy

Creating a good call to action (CTA) requires a few key elements. First, find a strong power verb that gets customers moving. Sharp examples include Start, Move, Feel, Gain, Rid, Taste, or Drive. Next, extolling the benefits. Lastly, evoke emotions and feelings when possible such as, “Get Fast Relief” or “Buy Now.”  These “calls to action” can lead to an immediate purchase or broader brand-related opportunities, such as website sign-ups, loyalty programs, or social media follows.

Directing Traffic

One of the fastest ways to gain followers and drive traffic to your website from packaging is to offer customers something in return like an instant coupon, free download, or upgrade. This can be achieved in a few different ways. Some brands may take a more high-tech, interactive approach with QR codes or even augmented reality. Others may take a more social media-driven route to try to increase their followers. No matter path getting engagement and hits on your website should be key to building your customer base.

Unbox Me

One of the most popular CTAs in packaging right now is the social share. Reminding consumers to like, follow, and share their experiences is essential to building your brand. Now, brands are taking that one step further and encouraging customers to record their unboxing experiences. Customers don’t have to be social media influencers to record and share their experiences. Putting thoughtful details into packaging elements such as thank you notes, patterned tissue paper, stickers, or freebies reinforces brand loyalty and encourages repeat purchases.

Inside and Out

A good call to action doesn’t need to be relegated to the outside of the package. The inside can be used to tell your brand story, give further instruction on the use of the product, or be playful. It’s otherwise wasted space, so why not use it for a thoughtful purpose.

Director’s Cut!

Grabbing attention and telling your story is the bottom line when releasing your product into the marketplace. It can feel overwhelming when you consider all the moving parts and determining factors as you develop a packaging design user experience. Let B&B Print Source help you find the right solutions for your next packaging project.