Growing Ideas for Your Plant-Based Business

With our optimal weather, the Pacific Northwest is a haven for plant-based businesses like seed companies, nurseries, greenhouses and more. With the increased interest in sprucing up business campuses, public spaces, homes and improving curb appeal, this market is truly growing. Customers look for more than just a catalog of goods and services they long for advice, tips, and inspiration. Join us as we look at some of the more fertile trends to promote your products and grow sales. 

 Beyond the catalog

Seed and plant catalogs are popular ways to reach your customers and show off your seasonal offerings. Consider a more content-oriented approach like a magalog to capture your audience’s attention and hold their interest longer. Don’t just advertise fruit trees and vegetable plants. Provide tasty recipes, suggestions for mixing and matching plant types, and helpful information about growing bigger and better blooms.  

Plantable packaging 

When your products are ultimately buried in the ground, wrapping them in plantable packaging makes sense. Biodegradable and compostable wood pulp cellophanes and molded mushroom-based forms give packaging an enhanced eco-profile. The packaging helps boost your brand’s commitment to the environment and sustainability while reducing the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills.  

Custom plant tags  

Consumers love freebies! Providing free plant tags with orders that customers can write on is a great way to build brand loyalty. It’s an inexpensive investment to drive future purchases. Material selection and ink application are crucial to creating long-lasting tags in our northwest climate. Similar branded items that share information as the growing seasons progress can include stickers and labels.  

Planting diaries 

Maintaining records is important to gardeners, both small and large. Knowing what to plant and when is essential to their success year to year. Offering custom planting diaries and journals to customers to help them keep track of what they grow, the care and maintenance used, document how it thrived and more is an excellent added value for both novices and horticulture experts.   

Seed papers 

Are you hosting an open house, grand opening, or special event? Make the invitations extra special by having your print provider use seed-infused papers. These eco-friendly papers can be sown into the soil, and in time herbs, flowers, or vegetables flourish in their place. Consider signage, illustrative ideas, and take away tips and tricks for your attendees to seek gardening success! 

B&B Print Source works with several local nurseries and plant specialists in the Pacific Northwest. We’re experts when it comes to developing creative print applications and packaging that meets your business needs. Visit our gallery to see the latest examples of our work.  

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