Planning Your Way through Supply Chain Challenges

Just when we think we’re about to get ahead, along comes the Delta variant, causing another round of frustrations. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our personal and professional lives. Like many companies, B&B Print Source remains vigilant against the spread of this terrible virus, but the pandemic has caused supply chain and labor issues across the globe that needs to stay top of mind. We continue to do our best to ensure that every B&B client is satisfied, and there are a few things we encourage our customers to consider when planning for future print and packaging needs for the rest of 2021 and into 2022.  

PRint Supply Chain – Schedule it 

The more notice your suppliers have of an incoming project, the better! Just in time isn’t going to cut it right now. Planning as far in advance as possible is the best course of action to ensure that you’re not disappointed. 

The paper market is highly competitive in its current state. B&B is maintaining levels of its standard-use materials, but not one size fits all. If your print project requires specific and/or specialty substrates that need to be ordered, give your sales rep extra time to ensure that it will be in stock and ready to go when you are. Knowing that your project is covered gives both you and us the peace of mind to accomplish what’s expected.  

Group similar projects together 

If you know that you’ll be sending four postcards out over the next three months for your direct mail marketing campaign, have them printed all at once to save time and money. We can hold onto the extra postcards and update your mailing list accordingly for each postcard as you see fit.  

Get creative 

There are current issues with particular paper stock lines being simply unavailable or cost-prohibitive at this time. If that’s the case, don’t give up on your project altogether. Our experts are ready to help you develop a creative solution with either alternative design ideas or different substrate and finishing suggestions.  

plan ahead

Plan to promote 

Paper isn’t the only industry affected by supply chain issues. Promotion items like apparel, pens, water bottles, and more are also experiencing similar challenges. Start checking client lists now for who you’ll be wanting to send branded holiday gifts to because wait times and turnarounds may be longer than expected. The same goes for any changes you might be planning in employee uniforms for the upcoming seasons or if you are thinking of rebranding.  

Set your 2022 print calendar now 

It’s hard to imagine the pandemic affecting our businesses into 2022, but it’s looking that way. Setting up your print marketing calendar for 2022 now will go a long way to help save you time and money tomorrow. It will also help your brand stay well ahead of the competition dealing with the same challenges. Contact your B&B Print Source sales rep today to set up a strategy session for 2022 and build your print, signage, promotional materials, and packaging plan for next year.  

At B&B Print Source, we’re experts in developing creative print and packaging that meets your business needs. We are committed to helping all our customers succeed. We’re all in this together – here’s to brighter days ahead again!