Increase your impact and leads with VDP

Increase your impact with VDP | BE Creative

We’ve talked before about how variable data printing (VDP) can increase leads thanks to personalization. When used correctly, you can increase your ROI and build consumer loyalty by initiating a well-planned VDP campaign.

One of the greatest benefits of VDP is tracking. With a digital campaign, you can see who clicked on a link in your marketing e-mail or the ROI of your Facebook ad. But members of your target market may not have an email address or social media. This can make it difficult to measure success. Using VDP, you can put a unique sales code on every customer’s mailer and track their response and purchases against that code.

Once your customers respond to your direct mailer, it’s time to create customer loyalty! Reward a shopper’s previous purchases with another direct mail piece, this time with a unique sale offering. With VDP, this offer can be tailored to each recipient based on the purchases they’ve made in the past. You can offer discounts, free shipping, or a free item based on what the customer has responded to in the past. As you continue to reward their engagement with customized benefits, they’ll continue to buy! By personalizing what you send to customers or members, you increase your ROI.

VDP for Nonprofits

VDP isn’t just for businesses, either. Nonprofits can use VDP to their advantage as well. A fundraising appeal asking donors to increase their giving needs just as much tailoring as a sale. Say you have a donor who gives $100 every year, and one who gives $25 a year. You can send the $100/year donor a postcard asking them to increase their gift to $150 or $200, and personalize the $25/year donor card to offer $50 or $100 giving levels.  An appeal postcard with flat rates will not be as successful as one personalized to a donor’s previous giving levels.

Studies show that by personalizing what you send to customers or members, you increase your ROI. In fact, 86% shoppers say that when marketing is personalized, they’re more likely to make a purchase ( And after customers make their first purchase, they’re more likely to return when follow-ups are personal. When companies make personalized recommendations based on previous shopping trips, 75% of consumers say they’re more likely to make another purchase.

As you can see, VDP is a powerful tool that can increase leads when done correctly. The B&B Print Source Team is here to make sure you have all your data ducks in a row, working for you! Get in touch with your rep today.

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