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The Pacific Northwest has long been a hub for the cannabis industry. The rest of the United States seems to be coming around to the benefits of recreational and medical marijuana as well. Currently, 11 states allow adults to use marijuana for recreational purposes and 33 states permit medicinal use. Another 10 states could soon be joining those ranks as they aim for ballot measures in 2020.


While some might like to call it the “Green Rush”, cannabis is here to stay. In 2019, sales were estimated at $13.6 billion from legal recreational and medical marijuana. Those numbers are expected to reach up to $73 billion by 2027. What does that mean for you? A lot more customers and a lot more competition on the horizon.

As with all consumer goods, packaging plays an essential, multi-functional role. It attracts customers, builds brand awareness and provides valuable point of sale and regulatory information. Branded boxes list the ingredients and nutritional facts while protecting the contents within. Here are some of the unique considerations to keep in mind when creating the perfect packaging for your cannabis products.


Given that cannabis is a highly regulated product and certainly meant for adults-only, ensuring that packaging is child-proof is essential. In fact it should be one of your main priorities. What’s the use of a stellar design only to have it yanked off the shelves for not meeting child-safety standards? Child-proofing systems and security tags can be ugly, but they don’t have to be. Get creative ­– think beauty and brains.


Have you ever been on vacation only to be stunned to find out you were visiting a state that prohibits Sunday alcohol sales? Or you couldn’t buy beer and wine at the same store? Just as each state has its own liquor control board and unique set of rules, many have their own cannabis governing body as well, and along with that comes a distinct set of compliance issues and challenges. What flies in Oregon might not work in Nevada or Washington. Interstate sales mean doing your homework to ensure that you’re meeting guidelines across the board, or border rather.


The cannabis industry is poised to take the lead in sustainable packaging. As a highly sought-after wellness product with its roots in agriculture, look for plant-based and biodegradable inks, papers, and plastics to emerge as front runners in the industry. Because of regulations requiring additional safety measures, there is a propensity for excess waste but creative design and an eye on using sustainable materials will help keep cannabis packaging eco-friendly just like the products themselves.


Baby boomers are one, if not, the fastest-growing population of cannabis consumers. The good news is that marketing to boomers has long been studied so there is plenty of data to help. One of the main keys to capturing the boomer market is information! They love to educate themselves before diving in and turn to resources like cannabis publications and reference guides to help them learn about the latest products and trends. Having an omni-channel marketing approach that ties print publications and advertising into your mix such as an in-house magazine will help drive sales and the boomers to your door.


The cannabis industry is rapidly changing but if the first half of 2020 has proven anything to us, companies that are willing to be flexible and adapt are the ones who perform the best. Hopefully, as more organizations emerge to help unite cannabis growers, distributors, marketers and sellers, the industry will begin to see the potential for uniform regulations.

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