Box up the Spirit of the Season

The holiday season has us thinking about seasonal packaging. Whether you’re planning for the winter holidays or the summer ahead, thoughtful, timely packaging can stand out and help differentiate your brand story from the competition. 

Make it pop!

Holiday and seasonal packaging are a reason to get excited. It’s the chance to play with color and introduce bright, eye-catching, vibrant designs that play up your company’s branding and product features. Many companies have had success with this strategy for instance to Starbucks and their success with their annual red cup campaign. 

Talking boxes

The inside of your packaging is a lost opportunity. Use this space to communicate directly with the customer, encourage social shares, and promote add-on products. Reinforce your focus on the user’s experience with some extra messaging throughout the unboxing. Remember-keep the visual and call to action fun and playful.

Beyond the box

Pack your products with custom tissue papers, stickers or other tactile engagement to give an extra special touch. Another fun way to spread cheer and brand messaging is to use themed tape to secure packages. Brand names, #hashtags, web addresses and holiday greetings are all great uses of theme tapes. 

Provide sustainable choices

Younger generations gravitate toward sustainable packaging options. Recyclable and reusable packaging draws attention and gives make to the environment. More importantly, consumers are will to pay more for goods that come in sustainable packaging. Make sure you share your sustainability statement and supplemental information via an insert or engage through a QR code right on the box!

It wraps itself

Looks matter when it comes to gift-giving. Consider going for a self-contained concept that serves as both packaging and a ready-wrap present. Allow your customers to skip a step by creating decorative packaging with special finishes like gold metallics or raised patterns using spot UV or unique reuse engineering. 

Throw in some extras

Help spread your brand messaging and provide convenience with stickers, labels, custom ribbons, a blank card, postcards, or some gift tags. These small touches help to build loyalty and greater exposure with future customers. 

Whether you’re planning for the upcoming holidays, or you want to spring into planning for future seasons, it’s always a good time to start planning out your packaging strategy. These trends are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to custom and holiday-themed packaging design. Give the experts at B&B Print Source a call to help you get started!