B&B 2021 November Street Art Calendar

mudshark studios | B&B CALENDAR November FEATURED ARTIST

TARBOX @tarboxx2
Photographer: Portland Street Art Alliance

The rainy days are here, and a visit to this vibrant and colorful mural at Mudshark Studios should be on your to-do list. Check it out on the November 2021 Calendar page in print! B&B Print Source is proud to be a partner with the Portland Street Art Alliance (PSAA) and highlight this unique artwork!

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This month’s page is printed on our Xerox Iridesse Press in full-color plus two spot metallic inks on Classic Techweave Solar White. It stands tall on our paperboard stand produced by our Large Format Printing department team – sleek and stylish!

November Calendar


In the summer of 2019, PSAA management arranged a team of four muralists to create murals on the side of Mudshark Studios, a local ceramics studio in NE Portland that sits across the street from the Sunshine Dairy Project. This mural is by artist Tarboxx, a street artist based in Houston, Texas. While PSAA mainly works with local and regional artists, the organization also provides periodic community wall space to artists who are visiting Portland.


1930 NE Oregon Street


Portland Street Art Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides access to resources, networking platforms, and professional development opportunities for Pacific Northwest street artists. Founded in 2012, PSAA has managed over 100 private and publicly-funded street art projects around town. The team collaborates with hundreds of artists in the region. PSAA’s mission is to actively transform the public art landscape by developing more inclusive place-based programs and increasing access to art for everyone in the city.