Turning Up the Effects with our New Xerox Iridesse Press

B&B Print Source recently invested in a Xerox Iridesse production press to broaden its comprehensive range of award-winning printing and packaging services and enhance its already stellar line-up of equipment. We wanted to share our excitement about about the Iridesse press and why it’s a game changer!

Fast and Efficient

The Iridesse press is on the leading edge of digital print technology offering an adaptable, efficient production experience that delivers amazing image quality and embellishments. How the Iridesse is different from traditional print production presses? The traditional printing process utilizes four colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The Iridesse, however, uses a CMYK application but also applies up to two additional specialty dry inks in a single production pass. This cuts down the extra time needed to run multiple passes for embellishments, in turn, making it faster and more efficient for the B&B team to get our client’s work out the door.

Spot on Branding

The traditional printing method of CMYK (process color) is widely accepted, but many brands require a very specific color in order to maintain brand integrity. This is referred to as spot color. The Iridesse had the capacity to work with spot colors to ensure that your company’s brand is safe, and quality is assured. B&B Print Source maintains a G7 Color Certification, which means we are experts in maintaining color integrity.

Our New Iridesse Production Press

CMYK Plus Drama

Along with the traditional CMYK inks, the Iridesse has the ability to apply additional specialty dry inks. They can be another color or in this case they can be clear. The clear ink acts as a varnish to the surface adding patterns or texture like spots, dots, or stripes. Dial up dramatic effects to photos and images by highlighting specific features to pop them off the page.

High Shine

The capabilities of the Iridesse have opened up a world of possibilities for digital embellishments. If you consult just about any graphic design or packaging trends list you will find a reference or two metallics or shine. Bold eye-catching maximalist styles or stripped-down neutrals with a touch of shimmer evokes luxury. This is where the Iridesse’s potential really shines through. Metallics and iridescent effects can be added digitally at a lower price point than their higher-end foil stamping counterparts.

White Out

Another huge trend in design right now the use of dark paper or other materials. Offset print methods work but are a more difficult and costly process depending on quantities and size. The Iridesse applies white – yes that’s right white ink onto any surface to significantly increase the range of design capabilities to dial up contrast or enrich fonts. The white can be layered under other inks to enhance dramatic effects and make designs pop off the page.

Our New Iridesse Production Press

De-ink It

One of the most important features of the Iridesse is its sustainability. The International Association of the DeInking Industry have made it their business to address the issue of how the world recycles and reuses its paper materials. The process of removing ink from paper is a major challenge in the recycling processes. They rank the Iridesse 100/100 for its CMYK, metallic, white and clear inks. This makes it a sound choice for companies who want to incorporate luxe elements in their designs but are conscious of its effects of the environment.

The Iridesse press is an investment not just in our future but in our customers as well. B&B Print Source wants to make sure that it can always be at the leading edge of technology, offering the best options for our customers. This investment in a new press is an investment in our customers. Contact us today to learn more about what the Iridesse can do for you and to request a sample kit.

OR better yet, CLICK HERE to request our Portland Street Art Alliance 2021 calendar printed using the gold, silver and CMYK of the Iridesse!

2021 Calendar