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what does that mean for you? | BE Knowledgeable

Thanks to big advances in printing technology, the printing industry is entering its “Third Age,” according to Gemma Glen. You may be wondering, “I’m not a printer. What does that mean for me?” We’re glad you asked. We’ll take a brief walk through the ages of print and explain how this new wave for printing benefits you, the consumer.

The First Age of print was characterized by a lack of choice for consumers. Printing machines were rare, putting suppliers in control. But as the economy began to change, the printing world did too.

With the personal computer came the Second Age of print. Office structures evolved, and so did the needs of the employees. As more individuals got computers on their desks, printing needs changing and printing technology changed with it. This age of print saw home computers and printers become more ubiquitous, and the classic all-in-one printer combining many needs into one. And now, we enter the Third Age. Consumers of print have more choices than ever! Increasing competition and rapidly advancing technology put you, the consumer, at a distinct advantage.

Here are just some of the ways the Third Age benefits the customer:

    • Flexibility:
      You can create a print order with the click of a mouse. It’s easier and more efficient than ever to place an order for a printing job. Email your rep and upload your files via FTP or web portal, and you are good to go. Going digital helps everyone, but web-to-print is really all about you! The flexibility to upload files from any time and anywhere puts you in control.
    • Efficiency:
      Everyone would love a faster turnaround time for their jobs (in fact in 2017, 61% of customers wanted their print orders completed in 24 hours). Thanks to technological advances and a healthy dose of competition, this is possible when files are prepared correctly and communication is done early in the process. With our new press, we can move more print work through our facility at a faster pace, saving you time and money. If you have a specialty print order with custom finishes, we will work with you ahead of time to understand the project and get the production schedule organized, so even the most complex projects go as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    • Customization:
      Thanks to the technology of variable data printing (VDP), you can customize your orders to reach your target audience. VDP combines high tech print innovations that allow you to completely customize your marketing pieces to speak directly to your customers. With VDP you can insert your customer’s name, address, age, buying preferences—anything you know about them—right into the text of your marketing materials. Now you can send custom postcards, posters, note cards, envelopes, brochures, flyers, or catalogs…just to make a few. The combinations are endless, allowing you to stand out among your competitors and connect with your customers.

Now that you know more about the Third Age of Print, let us know how we can help put it to work for you.

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