Your Guide To Customer Gift Giving


Believe it or not, the holidays are just around the corner! That means it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll greet your customers this holiday season. We have your guide to customer gift giving.

There’s no better feeling than getting your shopping done early and being prepared for spreading cheer to your customers is no different. As the season draws closer and the year ends, you will likely get busier – putting “thanking my customers” further to the bottom of your list. Get going on your holiday thank you’s now and save yourself the stress later! And being prepared now means your holiday gifts and greetings will get into your customers’ hands sooner. That keeps you from getting lost in the holiday rush!

While you don’t want your customer interactions to feel like you’re just looking for their business, a well-done holiday greeting or gift is not only advertising – it’s an opportunity to establish a genuine connection. 40% of businesses who received gifts from their business partners felt more connected to those partners. Giving holiday gifts will make your customers feel appreciated and remembered, and that’s a great way to carry their business into 2020 and beyond.

Custom Greeting Cards

The first (and perhaps most obvious) option is to create a custom card for your client base. Did you know that sending a holiday card can bring a 39% ROI for each dollar you spend? B&B can help you customize each card with your client’s name, assist with mailing, and get the product out the door.

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Another great option to spread holiday cheer to your customers is a calendar. Fifty-two percent of consumers keep promotional calendars for a year or more. A calendar is useful to your client all year long, keeping your business in their head (and likely on your desk) for 12 months.

We went all in on a blog for you about how B&B can help you create the right calendar for your customers and business. Read about calendars here!

Promotional Items

To make yourself stand out from the crowd, why not consider giving your clients a promotional item, or items in custom packaging? Promotional items are always a great way to make customers feel appreciated, and they’re more likely to remember you.

You can also send a product without your branding, but in customized packaging. You can dress up the outside of a special gift while leaving the inside brand-free. Or take it a step above and let your customer choose their gift with a gift card. In fact, business gift recipients prefer gift cards over food or other experiences. B&B can help you with a custom-designed card, packaging, even with mailing.

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Be Memorable!

Whether you want to send a card, a calendar, or customized gift, B&B can help you achieve your goals and keep your customers happy!