Take You Fundraising and Nonprofit Strategies to the Next Level

Recent events have impacted every industry, especially many nonprofit organizations, which relied heavily on events for their fundraising strategies. Perseverance and adaptability have helped many organizations to revamp their marketing plans and get creative. While things are certainly improving, we’re not entirely out of the woods yet, so we thought we’d look at a few trends and ideas for nonprofit and fundraising marketing that will help as we head into peak fundraising season. 

Personalize to thrive 

Print technology has the unique ability to create a personalized experience for direct mail recipients. This personalization helps them feel seen and recognized for their efforts. Use the person’s first name in the body of fundraising letters or on brochures. Refer to previous gifts and ask them to consider making a more significant donation this year. These are just a few ways to incorporate personalization into your direct mail efforts.   

Make your ask unique 

Don’t just ask for money. Give a compelling reason as to why constituents should give. Find stories that are authentic and inspiring. Identify real-life scenarios in which donations have been put to use. A few tips for storytelling in your nonprofit marketing strategies: 

  • Match your tone and imagery to the situation at hand. If the situation calls for gravitas, skip the bright, happy accents.  
  • Choose your words carefully so that you come across as an empathetic storyteller.  
  • Use real-life people and situations and not hypotheticals. However, be sure you have all the appropriate permissions needed.  

Visually connect with donors 

Infographics can be powerful tools to convey the need and illustrate how funds are allocated and used. Visual infographics are great for postcards and quick at-a-glance placements like the back cover of a brochure. The information can be either historical – showing how many people were helped and in what ways by previous years’ tallies, or forward-thinking – identifying how the funds will be used and their anticipated impact on the community. Forward-looking graphics work especially well for capital campaigns and annual funds.  

Combine digital and direct mail for greater impact 

Eliminate barriers that would keep donors from participating by setting up a landing page for giving. By combining your direct mail ask with online digital components, you’re helping remove barriers and clear the path for success. Use QR codes to refer back to success stories, annual reports and videos.  

Consider hybrid events 

Not everyone may feel comfortable resuming their normal fundraising event attendance – this is where hybrid events come into play. A recent example here in the Pacific Northwest was an annual cider tasting event that went hybrid. Instead of attending an event in person, the attendees paid for an at-home experience where they received the tastings and snacks along with a swag bag. On the night of the “event,” they could log in from home to watch musicians perform and hear more about the nonprofit they were supporting.  

B&B Print Source has been working with nonprofit organizations for many years, and we’re here to help you with your next fundraising project. Give us a call today to get started.