PSAA Journals: Pollinator Paradise

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Pollinator Paradise Mural by Jeremy Nichols

Jeremy Nichols | FEATURED Artist

Renowned Portland muralist Jeremy Nichols has transformed Metro’s parking garage with his latest work featuring various modes of transit interspersed with local flowers and pollinators. The mural wraps around two sides of the building and is dotted with wildflowers that pop between bikes and scooters as butterflies and bees flutter throughout. This mural project meets cyclists and pedestrians as they cross the newly-opened Blumenauer Bridge into the Lloyd District.

The mural is a nod to the pollination corridor that surrounds it. It depicts Trillium flowers, Douglas fir, Blanket flowers, Camas flowers, Oregon grape flowers, Western Blue Flax, and Dandelions alongside monarch and Oregon silverspot butterflies, bumble bees, honey bees, and a Rufous hummingbird.

Nichols included the signature bold lines and elements that bind his compositions together. One of the graphic elements in this work, a stylized bow tie, is a reference to Congressman Earl Blumenauer, who can always be seen wearing his trademark bicycle lapel pin and a bow tie. Other elements include a TriMet MAX line map, railroad I-beam tracks, and a silhouette of both a bicycle and an adaptive bicycle.

“I wanted to create a timeless, hip, energetic mural that grabs public attention, creates a conversation, and ultimately creates a public landmark/point of interest. Given the location of the mural, the primary focus of these designs is movement, alternative means of transit, pollinators, and a subtle nod to Earl Blumenauer,” said muralist Jeremy Nichols.

Pollinator Paradise Mural in Portland, OR

Read the full story and see work-in-progress photographs at PSAA’s website.


A Bridge to Pollinator Paradise
600 N.E. Grand Ave.
Portland, 97232

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