Packaging Design Trends for E-commerce

Packaging Design Trends for E-commerce

With e-commerce sales up 32.4% in 2020, the need for consumer packaged goods is also on the rise. We all know that packaging plays an essential marketing role in a retail setting, capturing attention, driving brand recognition, and influencing consumer behavior. Even though e-commerce purchases may not have the same up close and personal interaction as retail, packaging still has a vital role in the customer experience. Let’s explore how you can make packaging an integral part of your winning e-commerce marketing strategy.


Once a purchase has been made, the initial excitement about a product can wear off or be forgotten altogether. A plain brown box or padded envelope holds little appeal compared to packaging driven by color, style, and messaging. The quicker customers see, feel, and use your product, the faster they will become brand loyalists.

Start interacting with customers immediately with branded content on the outside of your packaging. Have a call-to-action message that grabs attention right away. “You’re going to look great in this,” “Sweet treats inside,” or “The best shave of your life awaits” are just some of the many creative messaging techniques used to get customers opening and using your product right away. 

Element of Surprise

Who doesn’t love a sweet surprise? E-commerce customers don’t have the luxury of an in-store experience to build a rapport with your brand. Finding unique ways to make them feel special and valued is easy when you have a built-in delivery mechanism. A personalized note from a staff member, free samples, stickers, coupons, and small branded items like reusable totes or notepads help show that you appreciate their business and build brand loyalty.

Reuse for Recognition

Sustainable packaging doesn’t always have to be about recycling. The three R’s are Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. Designing creative packaging that can be reused by consumers supports sustainability efforts and keeps your brand name circulating. Monday’s Child is a children’s clothing retailer out of London. Their beautiful dresses and clothing arrive in boxes specifically designed for repurposing as dollhouses after the unboxing. Pangea Organics went one step further and sources their packaging for soap bars out of a compostable, plantable substrate. Customers bury the carton in the soil and watch as a plant grows.

Brand Messaging Inside and Out

Modern print technology allows for a variety of different techniques to be used in a single packaging element. Get creative with your ideas and don’t forget to utilize all available space. Customers open packaging from the outside in! Why not include messaging on both sides to maximize brand exposure and reinforce what a great decision they’ve made in choosing your product. This area is also the perfect spot for reminding them to share their experiences online and use a specific #hashtag.

Whether you need to create a packaging concept for a retail setting or e-commerce, the experts at B&B Print Source can assist with design, material selection, engineering, or we can simply just produce an excellent product for you. Whatever you need, we’re here to help. 👍