Meet Your Rep – Matthew Miali

Meet Your Rep – Matthew Miali | Be Connected

Matthew Miali
Print Marketing Consultant

C : 503.901.1170
P : 503.924.2162

Matt Miali may have been a California transplant years ago but is a true Portlander now. When the moment calls for an international flair, Orlando, his alter ego, enters the room! Just imagine the creative energy he brings to developing client graphic solutions.

His experience in the print industry spans 15 years. His first career was working advertising, which gives him agency perspective and empathy when addressing deadlines and quality. B&B Print Source has perfectly paralleled his desire to deliver the best product and service.

Matt prides himself on being honest and fair with clients and internally with staff. Throughout the process, from project engineering and estimating through delivery and follow up, he focuses on keeping the brand’s best interest on point. Having that background in production and print buying he knows what needs to get done.

Like to laugh? Did you hear the one that claims Matt has “joke Tourette’s”. His creativity takes him stage-side as a harmonica player and singer in a couple of Portland bands.

And to keep up on his vocal skills, he performs a mean karaoke! He is also an active member of the Portland American Marketing Association, previously heading up the Blind Pig competition.  Next time you catch up with Matt, ask him to share a joke or play a few notes on his harmonica!