Meet Your Rep – John Davis

Meet Your Rep – John Davis | Be Connected

John Davis
Print Marketing Consultant

C : 503.329.9464
P : 503.924.2159

Let’s meet B&B Print Source sales team member and your rep, John Davis. John must have started at the age of 12! He’s been developing his mad skills for 33 years and counting. He brings a high-level eye to client’s projects and consults from concept through production to achieve amazing results in print. His many areas of expertise include color separations, photo retouching, and image creation, preparing files for print, page layout, and graphic design.

He approaches every project from many angles. He first seeks to understand the customer’s goals and helps to achieve them while catching issues and avoiding potential problems upfront. John enjoys engineering workflows with the B&B staff and systems for better throughput, color accuracy, and quality assurance. He draws on past projects and lessons learned, relating them to new ones and genuinely caring about their work, making sure they are happy in the end.

Originally from Detroit Michigan, John has been lucky to explore 48 of the 50 states and several countries. He’s been in Oregon over the last 40+ years, calling it his forever home. He has two amazing sons, now grown and on their own. Reggie, his yellow Labrador, is the best dog ever. John enjoys golf, shooting pool and other sports. He loves the outdoors, taking time to recharge by hiking, camping and visiting the beach.


“Visual arts and music, especially performed live, make life better.”