Letter To Our Customers

My top priorities during this challenging time include all of our health and safety, our financial management and our customers’ sustainability. To those goals we are continuing to implement the following:

All employees are aware that their health and the health of those around us is of utmost importance. Employees know to stay home if they or anyone they know has symptoms of the virus. They are wiping down their areas, as well as commonly share areas on a regular basis.

We have cross trained all positions at B&B to be handled if fellow employees are staying home. All CSR’s and management have access to sales emails, and will follow through with any requests from customers. All Sales members will be assisting fellow sales associates if needed. We have duplicate pieces of equipment and have cross trained employees in the use of that equipment. This help includes customer requests from new jobs coming into the system, or fulfillment needs.

Mailing needs are handled by multiple people who can see that your needs are met. We have four delivery vehicles as well as UPS and common carriers for our customer’s shipping needs.

At this point we don’t see any interruptions for our customer’s needs. As we work through this challenging time we are still all aware that your needs are extremely important and we will work to meet those needs. Thank you for your patience as we all work through the next few weeks and months.

Mike Stevenson

Covid Resources