Give the Very Best This Holiday Season

From gifts to packaging | be unexpected

If you’re looking to step out of the box (pardon our pun) for your customers this holiday season, consider some promotional items or custom packaging! Give the very best this holiday season. Our team at B&B has plenty of ways to help you stand out from the crowd with promotional items and gifts.

Give the Very Best This Holiday Season

Customized Branded Gifts

Who doesn’t love a nice, useful gift at the holidays? We have thousands of different items that can be customized with your branding. Keep in mind that promotional items are a great way to keep your customers thinking about you. Read more about the importance of promotional items on our blog. But remember, the holidays are not a time for sales gimmick. Don’t send your clients a branded flash drive full of your sales brochures. Instead, send them something useful and thoughtful that isn’t a sales pitch.

Customized Packaging

If a branded gift isn’t necessarily your style, you can still send a thoughtful gift, but with your own with custom packaging. Don’t just throw it in box and mail it. Creative packaging is an opportunity to “wow” your customer!

Be Memorable

Your rep can help you design memorable packaging and custom gift tags to make your clients feel truly valued, while setting you apart this holiday season.  Picture sending your client a set of crystal whiskey glasses without branding, but packaged in a beautiful box with a custom card. Now THAT’s a way to set yourself apart!

Be Unique

Or you can go in an entirely different direction and let your customer create their own experience with a gift card or gift certificate. A gift card to a local restaurant, spa, or golf course can show how much you value your clients and how well you know them by giving them a custom experience. To set you apart even further, B&B can help you design custom cards, packaging, and coordinate the mailing.

Contact your rep today to start giving your clients an unforgettable gift this holiday season.