Creative Packaging Can Make A Big Impact

Creative packaging can make a big impact

With a smaller product (like makeup or candy), you don’t have a ton of real estate to play with – but you also need to catch the customer’s eye. While it may seem like a catch-22, it is possible to make a big impact in a small space. Big or small, we’re here with some ideas that can take your packaging (and sales) to the next level!

 Ignite the senses

Rectangular and square packaging is so yesterday. Consider stepping it up a notch with unique configurations or some effective embossing. By making your product experience more tactile, you’ll make a lasting impression with your customers.

You can expand the sensory experience even more with scented packaging or a scratch and sniff label! Scent is an extremely powerful sense, helping improve memory. By invoking their sense of smell, your products are sure to be remembered.

Show your inner colors

Give your customers a glimpse of what’s inside! With well-placed cuts and cello, you can highlight your creative inner packaging with a sneak peek at the product within. And just like your package shape, your cuts should be an interesting shape too. If you produce a sleep enhancer, consider making a crescent moon cutout to show what’s inside, and easily remind consumers about your product’s purpose.

Foil your plans

Add some shine to your packaging with foil! Aside from being beautiful, foil is a great and easy way to communicate luxury and high value to your customers, even if your price point is low. Especially when it comes to cosmetics and candies, foils elevate your product to the next level. And if your target market includes Gen Z, be sure to consider holographic packaging options. It’s on trend with this young generation, who have a spending power of over $140 billion

Get smart

QR codes are having a moment once again. Though they fell out of favor, brands are increasingly adding them back on to packaging. With QR codes, you can send customers to your website for more shopping, your social channel, provide further ingredients or special instructions, link out to a thank you video or a special discount for being a dedicated buyer.

Be interactive

Immerse your customer in your product with augmented reality (AR). With the right design, you can elevate the consumer experience with fun animations and creative graphics with video experiences accessible to your customers on your website. As a bonus, you can “update” your look by creating new AR graphics and keeping your well-established package design intact.

Do a little, do a lot

From home interiors to advertising to packaging, minimalism continues to be a trend in design across the board. With a small product, you only have so much room to play with when it comes to making an impact. The old adage “less is more” is especially applicable here. Keep things simple and stand out with a clean, minimalistic design.

Your packaging is your way to create a first impression, and how you continue to build brand loyalty with every use. Make sure it’s as effective as possible with these innovative, accessible ideas!

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