Create a Packaging User Experience

In the highly competitive world of packaging, considering the customer as a user and not just a buyer can change your entire design approach. The emphasis shifts away from the in-store experience to the user’s interaction with the packaging. This starts with the initial attraction and interaction, into the unboxing and ultimate disposal. Here are a few factors to take into consideration when you create a packaging user experience.

Turn Up the Cool Factor

Entice consumers with interactivity to grab attention and give a hands-on experience. If your product has a unique feature that can be utilized in the display, show it off! Don’t waste your most valuable asset by hiding it inside the box. Soft fuzzy slippers can be highlighted with a die cut window for a tactile experience. The aromatics of a tea or candle experienced through scratch-and-sniff.

Be Playful

Adulting is hard. We could all use a little stress relief. Board games, trivia and puzzles are a fun way to get consumers engaged with your product or brand. Incorporate clues or game pieces into your packaging that lead consumers back to your website or a landing page to reveal more information about your brand or your products. These help you gather valuable marketing insights along the way.

Get Techy

Augmented reality (AR) allows your packaging to come to life. Storytelling is a huge part of selling and what better way to build your brand narrative then with interactive videos. Beer and wine makers have been leading the pack with AR integrated packaging with brands like 19crimes Living Labels series and Snoqualmie Falls Brewing producing some solid examples. With a reported 120% in growth from 2016-2019, AR is now a trend with legs that is looking to be around for long time

Unboxing experience

Once a purchase is made, the user’s next step is to open the package. It’s becoming more likely their experience will be shared in some way or another via social media. The unboxing experience can be over is a second or it can be one that the user relishes with a few simple touches. Think branded tissue paper, a thank you note or sticker, a coupon for future purchases or a welcome message with a #hashtag reminding them to share on their channels. The buyer’s interaction will help reinforce the message of your brand and make the user feel part of new community.

End of the Road

There is no question that sustainability is an important part of buying decisions these days. In a recent CGS study, 68% of those surveyed said they rate sustainability important and 35% said they would pay up to 25% more for sustainable goods. Considering how your packaging can and will be disposed of is important to the end user. Be sure to let me know your commitment and efforts! Partner with suppliers who can successfully source sustainable materials and inks and provide eco-friendly solutions. Even beverage behemoths like Pepsi and Barcardi are coming around to the idea that plastics are out as they begin working with designs for new compostable bottles.

Adding the User Experience considerations into the design and development of your packaging can feel a bit over overwhelming. We got this! Let B&B Print Source help you find the right solutions for your next packaging project.