Cannabis Packaging Trends in 2021

B & B Cannabis Packaging Trends in 2021

2021 may prove to be a pivotal year for the cannabis industry.  After the November 2020 elections, New Jersey, Montana, South Dakota, and Arizona voted to join the ranks of states that allow recreational marijuana for adult use. That brings a total of 15 states permitting recreation use and 36 states permitting it for medicinal purposes. Several others passed measures to introduce the sale of CBD products. These strides along with a newly elected legislature entering the scene in Washington might prompt calls for a national legalization program very soon.

There is no doubt that the cannabis industry is booming even with sales limited to only a portion of the nation. At last estimate, cannabis sales were over $18 billion in 2020 a 67% increase over the previous year. Could this be a direct correlation to the heightened stress and anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic?  Or is it part of the growing trend of adults turning to cannabis products for recreational and medicinal relief? Cannabis products are anticipated to rise to $73 billion worldwide over the next six years.

With so much on the line, cannabis manufacturers are putting considerable thought and effort into their branding and packaging to successfully compete for market share. In 2021, here are some of the packaging trends to consider when creating your next project for cannabis brands:


Gone are the days of the psychedelic pot-leaf motifs and happy-go-lucky animals emblazoned across cannabis packaging. Look for elevated, sophisticated packaging styles to be on the rise. This can be achieved using a variety of design profiles, like a minimalist look of white or pastel with crisp lines. Also consider simple fonts, or a more high-end boutique style using metallic foils and embossing for a luxe feel.


No Surprise here – cannabis consumers are also environmentally minded. The challenge up until recently has been creating sustainable packaging while meeting the requirements of state regulations and compliance. Materials sourcing is the biggest hurdle to overcome. With many new options for plant-based and bio-plastic security, the ability to customize packaging while keeping things eco-friendly is now within reach


2021 may very well be the year that the United States considers legalization and with it the need for universal compliance. Is it premature to be thinking about it? Possibly, but in the long-term, it is better to have your brand positioned at the front of the line for greatness and not lost in the back.


Everything old is new again or at least it might seem that way this year. The use of retro graphics style on packaging in cannabis and other industries is booming. If you need to look for a source, consider the demographics of the cannabis consumer. The bulk of sales go to Millennials who are no longer “kids” but fully formed adults at 24-38 years of age and are responsible for just over 50% of cannabis sales. Baby Boomers (55-73 years) make up 16% of cannabis sales while Generation X (39-54 years) brings in 26%.

The cannabis industry continues to evolve rapidly and look for many more changes to come throughout 2021. For help in implementing some of these great ideas into your next cannabis packaging project, trust the experts at B&B Print Source to work with you in creating eye-catching, multi-functional products that meet your needs and budget.

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