5 Tips for Marketing Your Business

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Source – Zipline Magazine from Accuzip

We are all in this together as we learn to navigate and market during these difficult times. Here are five tips to creatively find your voice and remind your customers that you are open for business.

5 Tips For Marketing Your Business During Covid-19

Get Personal! Pick up the telephone and begin contacting your customers one at a time to set meeting invites with them. Discuss their concerns and ways you can help create consistent proactive marketing campaigns. I strongly recommend that you do not send an email to set a meeting invite. Your email will get lost in the enormous volume of emails they are receiving already pertaining to the COVID-19 virus.

Tell a captivating story about your business, how it started, when it started, what your philosophies are, why you’re proud of the community and thankful for the patronage your loyal customers have shown over the years.

Create a convincing story with local pictures of the community, your establishment and patrons and PRINT that on a vibrant, beautifully designed card or letter and get it mailed in addition to sharing on social media and digital channels.

Many people are home now and will experience that heartfelt and captivating message! Humans are tactile by nature. Give them the touch they are craving at this unprecedented time of so much isolation. Your direct mail marketing campaign should include multiple mailings with a related message that continues telling the story and encourages others to join your family of loyal customers.

It is predicted that there will be a spike in consumer sales once this crisis has passed. Reach your customers now, at this moment in time and get your message out so you are at the top of mind and they know you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

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