2021 Street Art Calendar- March

Viaduct Arts | March Featured Artist

OLIVER CASILLAS @casillas_oliver
Photographer: Portland Street Art Alliance

This month’s calendar page is printed on our Xerox Iridesse Press using full-color process and metallic inks on Pacesetter Digital Silk.


About the Work

Oliver Casillas is a Mexican-American artist living in Talent, Oregon. Oliver has studied the arts since a young age, immersing themselves in painting, sculpture, and ceramics. Oliver is the artistic manager for a project named “We Art Here,” which uses art to raise awareness about social struggles, environmental stewardship, and movements of protest.

“My mural ‘What Keeps us Together’ was inspired by the iconic portion of land shared by Mexico and the United States — the Sonora Desert. This mural aims to depict the shared nature among them, the purity, and reality behind skin colors, languages, ways of thinking, and religions. In other words, behind the human being. It is an invitation to think outside of our boxes and realize what binds and keeps us together.” – Oliver Casillas

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66 SE Morrison Street

About Portland Street Art
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