Make Your Digital Channels Work for You


Make your digital channels work for you – with printed materials!

It seems like the entire world is going digital these days. Even pets have social media accounts! In order to be in business, you almost have to be online. If you’re not, you’re losing potential customers. But how can you best leverage your digital presence and get noticed? By having print and digital work hand-in-hand. It is time to make your digital channels work for you.

Why is print important? While it’s important to have a social media presence, the crowded digital space means your ads may be ignored. In fact, 50% of millennials say they ignore digital ads but only 15% ignore catalogs. Studies show that 66% of direct mail is opened, and 56% of those respondents visited the company’s store or website. That’s right – over half of those who opened direct mail took action. Print materials are a way to get you noticed in a world overrun by digital noise.

Making an Impact

But to make the most impact, you should be connecting your printed and digital marketing materials. We’ve talked about the benefits of VDP on the blog before. Just like a postcard, you can tailor a catalog or long form brochure to the customer you want to target with their name or a special discount code to use in your online shop. Going to a trade show? Hand out specialized brochures with variable discount codes or landing pages for your products or services based on each attendee. These printed materials can help you test and track effective marketing messages, all while driving your customers right to your digital marketing channels.

Why focus on longer printed items? They have staying power! A well-designed brochure can tell your clients so much about who you are as a company. And if you’re launching a new line or simply getting ready for a new season of products, you’ll want to display them all in a beautiful catalog for easy shopping.

With our new press, we are better equipped than ever to handle all of your long form printing needs! We can print your brochures and catalogs faster and more efficiently, even mail them and help you achieve your marketing goals faster than ever.

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