Making Inventory Management Work

Not every company is fortunate to have ample space to allow for a stockroom filled with supplies and merchandise on hand. Remote working and the connectivity of our digital world leave many companies without brick-and-mortar locations requiring staffing, security, and maintenance. How to manage inventory of marketing materials, sales kits, and merchandise with your staff located all over the country and beyond is an evolving challenge. B&B Print Source is one of the many providers that offer a solution to this problem with our inventory management, but many corporate leaders are unaware of their benefits.

Save space

The pandemic is reshaping office space as we know it, and the impact likely felt for many years to come. Many companies are looking to downsize or potentially eliminate locations and offices. The question of “Where does everything go?” remains. Inventory management allows companies to move essential assets — marketing materials, tradeshow supplies, sales brochures, business forms, etc — to an offsite location. These items are accessible on a customized digital storefront that your staff can utilize to request preprinted materials, promotional items, and apparel until needed and shipped to your designated location.

Save money

Inventory management becomes an extension of your business. You’ll see more than just cost savings from not having to house materials on-site and pay for square footage in a secure facility. You also get an extra pair of hands when needed. Need a new business kit pulled together and sent by Friday to Wichita? Need 50 sales kits assembled and sent out to locations all over the United States by Friday? Make the request and consider it done!

Save time

Inventory management with an offsite partner allows companies to manage quantities, costs and better forecast future needs. Get alerts when your supplies are low and in need of replenishment, minimizing the need for rush orders. Reports allow you to review which items are not moving from your inventory so that you can choose to revamp or retire them.

You can also work with your inventory manager to set reorder points, reducing the worry about running out. When the number of sales brochures on your top-selling product line reaches a designated threshold, a preauthorized replenishment order is placed to refill the stock on hand. Don’t worry about missing out on a hot new business lead or empty retail brochure racks because you’re waiting for a print job.

In today’s rapidly morphing workplace, working with an inventory management partner isn’t just a good decision — it’s a smart one. To learn more about what B&B Print Source has to offer and take a tour of our facility (virtually or safely in person), contact us today!