B&B 2021 Calendar Kudos

We Excited To Share Good News in 2021!

For the second year in a row, B&B created our 2021 Calendar in partnership with the Portland Street Art Alliance. Many a desk is adorning this new format and we love the feedback! This year’s version highlights the fantastic talent of multiple artists from across the greater Portland, Oregon community.

Our entire production team thoroughly enjoyed pulling together our calendar in a box! From design to paper purchasing, from digital and offset printing to packaging and bindery – all departments had a hand in making this 2021 showpiece!

We wanted to share some of the kudos we’ve received so far. It’s just one of the many reasons we keep striving to #BESEEN #BENOTICED #BEMEMORABLE.

B&B Calendar Kudos

“I would like to grovel and request 5 more if you have them. I want to share them with my Communications and Advocacy Team here with regards to how freaking beautiful they are and the clear partnership and elevation of public art that is shown. My head is whirling. Seeing this has helped me see B&B Print Source differently and it is all good! I am enjoying the varied paperweights, textures, and effects on the printed artwork.” — Carol

“I was soooooooo pleased to receive the B&B 2021 calendar. I use it many, many times every day – it sits right next to my phone. I especially like the stand this year, too. I’m glad you continue to print and send out your calendar. There’s just something about a paper calendar.” — Joyce

“I had to stop into the office yesterday, so I was able to check out your 2021 calendars. OMG – they are beautiful – amazing job. I took mine home and it has a prominent spot on my desk. I also put the word out on the street to the team and I know a few people were excited and will be stopping into the office to pick one up this week.” — Amy

“The calendars are amazing. I love them. Super unique. Love the artwork and the story on the back side. Love that they don’t look like the same old boring hanging calendar with a picture at the top! Coolest calendar award goes to B&B for sure. — Marie

What’s the Fuss All About? 

See for Yourself! Never too late to send us a note to get your 2021 B&B / PSAA Street Art Calendar. We’ll hand-deliver or ship to your office, whether at a business location or your home!

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